The reality of secret Sex

Secret means hidden and sex-hidden topics have made all the diseases so that the people could not reach the truth and people were confused. In the costume of the doctors, in the costume of the doctors, lūṭērō has kept secret that the man does not talk anywhere, and their secrets were not open, and the occupation of the robbery was without any interruption. These people want to be afraid of fear, stay and remain shaven and do not come in front of their truth. The secret patient, the secret disease, is said that the man thinks it is very important, and in the mind of every man, it will be insult if anyone knows, the man says, thinking of them, and this is what he wants. As a secret disease, it is

said that even if loneliness came, it came to fear. How much a burden is on the mind by saying secret and thinking of all the time, the whole focus is on this side and the power of understanding is over. This is the meaning of the doctor, Ayurvedic, the world, do not know what to do with thirty mārakhāṁ. If you can live without any part of the body, all the organs are needed, then take it in simple ways. The Treatment of sex patients is not expensive, they get robbed in the name of secret. This is the name of his business that the secret disease, what is really secret, is a part of the body’s body, a part of it, if any of the anus has become a small funda, they will not be treated. Not every fear going to the doctor in those diseases, nor are these secret diseases, so how is it?

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